Revise the rules – plural form for nouns in Danish

by Fuyang

In the plural, most nouns receive the ending -r/-er, regardless of whether it’s an en- or et-word.

en banan, bananer (a banana, bananas)
In a few cases, nouns in the indefinite plural only take the ending -e.
en ost, flere oste (a wheel of cheese, several wheels of cheese)

Some nouns never change in the indefinite plural.
et brød, flere brød (a loaf of bread, several loaf of bread)

In the definite plural all nouns take the ending -ne.
Nouns that have an unchanged form in the indefinite plural take the ending  -ene if they end in a consonant.
bananer, bananerne (bananas, the bananas);
æg, æggene (eggs, the eggs)