In other word, keep it simple and do fewer things (or one thing) at a time

by Fuyang

Cumulative Flow Diagram

I just saw an updated post from my previous colleague – a system architect in a software company. In the post he shared with me some blog pages on the topic of project management and planning. Even it is widely used or considered in software industry, but the issues and challenges they met there are more or less the same with our  issues and challenges seen in project management, in the industry as an automobile sub-suppler.

Here are some of the blog pages (also some of the “laws” that linked in the page are very enlightening.)
Cumulative Flow Diagram
The Project Management Principles That (Almost) Nobody Teaches

One of the key ideas is called Little’s Law:
“.. In order to meet development or service deadline, we must reduce the work-in-process, or finish it before starting a new jobs.”

Note: “work-in-progress” means the number of requests (work units) that are being processed, i.e. they have entered the system, but have not got out yet.