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TL = L_{Wi} - L_{Wo} = 10 \log_{10} \left\vert {S_i p_{i+}^2 \over 2} {2\over S_o p_o^2 }\right\vert = 10 \log_{10} \left\vert {S_i p_{i+}^2 \over S_o p_o^2}\right\vert

Transmission loss (TL) (more specifically in duct acoustics) is defined as the difference between the power incident on a duct acoustic device (muffler) and that transmitted downstream into an anechoic termination. Transmission loss is independent of the source and presumes (or requires) an anechoic termination at the downstream end[1].

Transmission loss does not involve the source impedance and the radiation impedance inasmuch as it represents the difference between incident acoustic energy and that transmitted into an anechoic environment. Being made independent of the terminations, TL finds favor with researchers who are sometimes interested in finding the acoustic transmission behavior of an element or a set of elements in isolation of the terminations. But measurement of the incident wave in a standing wave acoustic field requires uses of impedance tube technology, may be quite laborious, unless one makes use of the two-microphone method with modern instrumentation.[1]

TL = 10 \log_{10}\left( {{1 \over 4} \left\vert { A + B {S \over \rho c} + C { \rho c \over S} + D }\right\vert^2}\right )