Berkeley Electronic Interfaces Course – Robot Module 4 – Controlling the motor (Inductors, Transistors and Diode)

by Fuyang


Time to make our robot being able to jump and move around.

Transistor used for robot motor controlling: PN2222A npn transistor

PN2222A npn transistor, used in robot motor module

During this chapter of the course there are many deeper-in-level discussions on Inductors, Transistors, MOSFETS, BJTs, Diodes and so on. It is interesting to know things in a deeper level. However just to make things simpler here for the beginners like me, one could summarize the key knowledge learned during this session is about

  • How to switch things on and off by small signal input
  • Why a diode is needed for a inductor like load (or example, a motor)

Instead providing the course notes and videos, I found these two short (and funny) videos on Youtube showing all the info you need to assemble this module for the robot:

First: Transistor / MOSFET tutorial

Second: Inductive spiking, and how to fix it