I’m single

Dear ladies, I am a good person, I have a nice job, I have a cozy place to live, but I have not met “her” – my soul mate.

What do I do

  • I am an engineer, doing computer simulation on acoustics and gas flow, so to design diesel engine exhaustion system, contributing in the environment projection business.

What is my current statues

  • Single, 29 years old, living in Odense, working in Middelfart
  • Generally after work I like to listen to some music, watching movies, learning a bit Danish slowly, occasionally learning some Lindy-hop swing dancing. Sometimes I spend some time study things related with computers, maths, HiFi headphons/speakers. Also I try to squeeze some time out for reading – books on biographic, financial management/investment, or emotion/psychology related. Oh right I also like to try different way of cooking. If I have free time and money I definitely would go on travel. I don’t smoke, drink socially. When gathering with good friends or families I drink a little more to enjoy the moment haha. And yeah I love good liqueur and wine 🙂

I am not perfect because

  • Sometimes, I might get a bit negative. Enjoy being ironic (but in a good no-harming way). Very lazy, don’t like to tidy my bed. Low memory.

What others describe me

  • People always say I am intelligent, kind and honest, speak directly. Sometimes a little stubborn.

What kind of girl I like

  • I like to be with a girl who is relatively outgoing, not too introvert, cute, having a charming smile. It would be perfect if we could have some similar hobby or goal of life.

Short version of my “love” story

  • I use to have a serious relationship with a high school classmate for 3 or 4 years. We got together after high school and then she went aboard, so basically it was a long distance relationship. It ended 5 years ago and after I came to Denmark, I had dated one or two girls but nothing serious yet.

If you are also looking for a nice guy and you think this guy mentioned above sounds like a decent person, you are welcome to contact me at:

Fuyang.Liu (at) gmail.com

To know more about me, you are also welcome to check my Airbnb page.




  • 我目前是一名工程师,做声学和气流方面的计算机模拟, 有限元仿真,来设计汽车尾气排放系统,为环保事业做贡献。


  • 单身,29岁,住在Odense, 工作在Middelfart
  • 平常下班以后听听音乐,看电影,学点丹麦语,有空学学跳舞。平常没事还钻研一些跟计算机,数学,高保真耳机音响之类的东西。没事也挤出点时间看点书。传记,理财投资,情感心理之类。对了我还喜欢没事钻研一些烹饪菜肴。有空有钱肯定去旅游。烟不抽,酒少喝。朋友聚会啥高兴了多喝点呵呵。喜欢好酒。


  • 有时候有点消极,喜欢讽刺人。人很懒,不爱叠被子。记性差。


  • 别人一般形容我就是脑子好,人厚道,直言不讳。有时候有点倔。


  • 喜欢性格开朗,笑容灿烂,可爱的女生。如果可能的话有点共同嗜好或者共同理想。


  • 情感经历,高中念完和一个同学好了3,4年,异地恋。她当时在国外念本科,我在国内。后来分手之后我出来了,她进去了。来丹麦以后短暂交往过一两个女孩但时间都很短暂,不能算很深入的了解对方。

如果你觉得我还靠谱,真诚欢迎你联系我 – Fuyang.Liu (at) gmail.com